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2nd Generation PCTS

PanJit Touch Screens, a worldwide leader of Touch Screen Technologies, is proud to announce our 2nd generation of PCTS Solutions. Based on decades of experience in development and manufacturing of Touch Screen Solutions, all knowledge and experience has led to products of superior characteristics.

PanJit provides complete solutions, comprising of PCAP-ITO-sensors with integrated Controller-On-Flex (COF) laminated behind a custom printed Cover Glass Surface (Touch Lens).

The Glass / Film / Film Stack-Up captivates with industries highest light transmission without any visible patterns. This assures overall high-performance clarity for your application.


Product Features

  • 2nd Generation Glass / Film / Film Technology
  • Industries highest Transparency Rates (> 88 %)
  • Complete Solution: Sensor Controller Touch Lens
  • 2 -, 4 -, or 10-Point Gesturing
  • Custom Printed Cover Glass
  • Optimized for Win7 / Linux / Android



Touch Sensor Module – Features  
Customization Sizes: 3.8” – 24.5”
Controller: COF | Controller-On-Flex
Resolution: 12 Bit (4096 x 4096)
Gesturing: 2 -, 4 -, or 10-Point Gesturing
Driver Support: Win 7 | Linux | Android
Interface: USB | I²C
Cover Glass Options: Up to 1.8 mm
Customized Printing, Shaping, Drill Holes, Light Pipes etc.
Surface Treatments: Clear | AG | AR | AG/AR

Standard Products

Size Part Number OS Support Inferface Pins Gesturing
7“ 070H16A1 Win 7 USB 8 2-Points
8.9“ 089H06A3 Win 7 USB 8 2-Points
10.1“ 101H10A1 Win 7 USB 8 2-Points

More sizes in preparation. Please check on our Website.



Starter Kits include the following:
Read Me First Document, Sensor Module, Interface Board and Mini USB Cable.

Note: The Starter Kits are only available through our distribution partners.

Download Brochure:
Projective Capacitive Touch Screen 2012.pdf (430 KB)

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